in 2009 i traveled to SALVATION MOUNTAIN in the south desert region of california near slab city, niland + not too far from the salton sea . it’s the kind of place you go when you don’t want to be found . a group of us drove down there for a shoot + were honored to have the opportunity to meet LEONARD KNIGHT, creator of the famed mountain, + folk art monument .
he formed the massive sculpture by covering bales of hay + dirt with concrete + paint . decades on it rose high in the sky, covered with bible verses conveying the message of universal love .
sadly, LEONARD died this week, but his beautiful gift to us all lives on .

we stopped in slab city for lunch + met some kind souls.

you will be missed, LEONARD.

paris this time.notre dame never loses her charm.pont des arts, love locks on a parisian bridge.café culturewalking through the tuileries garden with HODGY, LEFT BRAIN, MANFACE, PRIMROSE, VIK + BRICK STOWELL.montmartre + her beautymornings with CHARLOTTEdreamy french girlspont des invalidesCHRACHARLOTTE stating the obvious with VIK creepingcutest new parents MEHDIS PINSON x PATRICIA GANNE at the after party for KENZO’s S/S 2014 show on the louisianne belle boat. MEHDI as his kick-ass alter-ego DVNO along with SO-ME set off the party followed by the BEASTIE BOYS’ MIKE D on the decks.IVANA DE ROSNAY x MEHDI x PAT x CHRISTIAN de ROSNAY ragingcaught by KENZO’s cameras with NICOLAS GODIN, but where is out dear IRA TREVISAN ? textile designer for KENZO + all-around spectacular individual who invited me that evening + a gal who managed to duck all the gorgeous ladies CHARLOTTE x ANA GIRARDOTa couple of nights later, a still from FRANK OCEAN’s show at LE ZENITH : “in a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy.”photo removedthank you to these beautiful sisters ZIWI ZEBDI x RITA ZEBDI for the invitation to the show, + kudos to RITA for styling FRANK’s look for the entire tour. excellent work babe !our descent into madness at SILENCIOback at the show with PATRICIA + CHARLOTTE. PAT is the baddest chick in the game having just had a child, looking hot as ever + already out at shows.stay gold.
a one-eyed man grabs hold at an after-party for FRANK’s show.found this strange body paint party thanks to GASPARD. him + BERTRAND posting up super tough for the photo.MICKEY doing his best japanese tourist + some chick attempting to look tough.ran into an LA friend-come-portland-bud + NIKE team superstar JUPITER DESPHY III at the bar JACKETS + forced him to tag along with me + CHA for the rest of the evening. i’d like to think he has a good time. somehow DIPLO ended up djing this house party, + TRAVIS SCOTT bogarted our whisky. 
last shot of the night + i have no idea how i made my flight home.
thank you to my paris family for always keeping it live.
ANTOINE, JESSICA, OSCAR, REMI, DAN + GUILLAUME, you will not escape my camera nest time.