paris this time.notre dame never loses her charm.pont des arts, love locks on a parisian bridge.café culturewalking through the tuileries garden with HODGY, LEFT BRAIN, MANFACE, PRIMROSE, VIK + BRICK STOWELL.montmartre + her beautymornings with CHARLOTTEdreamy french girlspont des invalidesCHRACHARLOTTE stating the obvious with VIK creepingcutest new parents MEHDIS PINSON x PATRICIA GANNE at the after party for KENZO’s S/S 2014 show on the louisianne belle boat. MEHDI as his kick-ass alter-ego DVNO along with SO-ME set off the party followed by the BEASTIE BOYS’ MIKE D on the decks.IVANA DE ROSNAY x MEHDI x PAT x CHRISTIAN de ROSNAY ragingcaught by KENZO’s cameras with NICOLAS GODIN, but where is out dear IRA TREVISAN ? textile designer for KENZO + all-around spectacular individual who invited me that evening + a gal who managed to duck all the gorgeous ladies CHARLOTTE x ANA GIRARDOTa couple of nights later, a still from FRANK OCEAN’s show at LE ZENITH : “in a dream you saw a way to survive and you were full of joy.”photo removedthank you to these beautiful sisters ZIWI ZEBDI x RITA ZEBDI for the invitation to the show, + kudos to RITA for styling FRANK’s look for the entire tour. excellent work babe !our descent into madness at SILENCIOback at the show with PATRICIA + CHARLOTTE. PAT is the baddest chick in the game having just had a child, looking hot as ever + already out at shows.stay gold.
a one-eyed man grabs hold at an after-party for FRANK’s show.found this strange body paint party thanks to GASPARD. him + BERTRAND posting up super tough for the photo.MICKEY doing his best japanese tourist + some chick attempting to look tough.ran into an LA friend-come-portland-bud + NIKE team superstar JUPITER DESPHY III at the bar JACKETS + forced him to tag along with me + CHA for the rest of the evening. i’d like to think he has a good time. somehow DIPLO ended up djing this house party, + TRAVIS SCOTT bogarted our whisky. 
last shot of the night + i have no idea how i made my flight home.
thank you to my paris family for always keeping it live.
ANTOINE, JESSICA, OSCAR, REMI, DAN + GUILLAUME, you will not escape my camera nest time.

of all that voyeuristic eye could take in at the annual MAROON 5 halloween party at hollywood forever cemetery, this chick easily took the cake for the best costume, creepy eyes and all .
i fulfilled my childhood dream + brought a TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE to life for the evening.CHARLOTTE x SOFIA x PIPIVIK doing a killer TUPACATLANTA DE CADENET in lace
once you crossed the majority of the burial plots, + came through the mausoleum + passed the first bar, you came upon the main grounds of the party, complete with carnival games + in-n-out truck.GARCIA as la cucaracha. genius. i can almost hear this song playing .even with the spelling, i couldn’t resist grabbing a pic with the unicorn.ALEX was actually handling out slim jims…RONY doesn’t need to do much to be convincing in this role.MICKEY as SKRILLEXthis duo kept it mysterious all night. rumor has it RADIOHEAD frontman THOM YORKE got into one of the DAFT PUNK, + we all saw the master of hollywood ceremonies CHRIS HOLMES djing earlier. it might as well be the tootsie pop mystery…the world will never know.