graffitirocksayschill x noavipegged to be the hip-hop version of “soul train”, “graffiti rock” never made it past its pilot episode in ‘84 . however, it did immortalize DEBI MAZAR and VINCENT GALLO, known then as “prince vince”, in tv history before their respective primetime debuts . in that short 23-minute episode, RUN DMC, KOOL MOE DEE, THE TREACHEROUS THREE, SPECIAL K, and the NY CITY BREAKERS among others were all showcased . but the most valuable quality of the entire production was the series of hip-hop colloquialisms flashed across the screen with definitions . good thing too because i was confused .

tupac-reader x noavia raging headache barred me from posting this yesterday, which marked thirteen years since TUPAC SHAKUR was shot and killed in las vegas, nevada. above is the cover of the course reader used when i TAed the famous class at uc-berkeley back in 2005 (no, seriously). whether you were/are a fan of his music or not, he lived a notably fascinating though short life. a man profoundly troubled by the dualities and conflicts in his life, he moved me deeply.

here’s my favorite clip from the academy award nominated documentary “TUPAC: resurrection”:

political activist & forever the consummate artist, RIP PAC.