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  1. question: do you think you might be ghettoising yourself within one sensibility?

    forgive me if this seems impertinent

  2. i suppose im trying to say that as wonderful as your photos are- they have a tendacy towards the eggerton/clarke focus- a kind of glamourised realism popularised by what i call the ‘Purplemag’ paradigm/

    i fear im not being clear/

  3. i’m going to assume you mean eggleston, and if so, then i am complimented by your comparison to both the aforementioned iconic artists .
    and i enjoy purple mag, though i understand your critique .

    as for my photos, ANA and i had just returned back to hers from a vernissage earlier that evening . blasted, playful, and utterly spontaneous, this is what became of our youthful reverie .
    think of it what you may .

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