“In spite of raving nationalism [1860-70s], these men felt, the true spirit of the times was l’esprit d’internationalité. The progress of humanity went from independence to interdependence, from patriotism to international solidarity. If ‘nationalism’ served kings and dynasties, ‘internationalism’ served peoples and democracy; if the first was the driving force of polarization, the other was the best incentive to co-operation. If the one meant war, the other meant peace, if the one barracks, the other wealth.”

« leave us alone, without books, and we’d instantly trip up, get lost – we don’t know where to place our allegiance, what to hang on to; what to love and what to hate, what to respect and what to despise. we even find it difficult to be human beings- human beings with our own real flesh and blood; we’re ashamed of it, we consider it a disgrace and strive to be some kind of imaginary general type. »
– DOSTOEVSKY, notes from the underground