kawkaban YEMEN by noavi
in 2014, i debuted a collection of photographs from my work in YEMEN at an exhibition in the UAE.
to mark the occasion, i created a limited edition box set of prints, and planned to donate a portion of proceeds from both the large works and the boxes to a scholarship fund for a young girl i met while working in YEMEN the previous year.

ever since, i have been trying to find ways back to hand-deliver the funds, to volunteer, and to experience the county again.
however, the unending humanitarian crisis and war has blocked entrance for civilians, and made the personal donation impossible.

today, YEMEN faces a cholera outbreak that has infected over 1 million, a conflict that has displaced 2.7 million, and a humanitarian crisis (including rampant starvation) that has affected 21 million people.

as i have not been able to hand-deliver these funds to ensure their use for educational purposes, i have chosen instead to donate them to the INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE (IRC), an organization currently working in YEMEN to help people survive this crisis.

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