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  1. i wouldn.t consider it tragic considering her choice of living. she dug her own grave like any foolish musician drowning in their music&drugs. they may have opened the ears of thousands.but they had a hard time listening to their friends and lovers.

  2. so then i guess the death of person who chose not to fasten his seatbelt, then consequently died in an auto accident, is also not tragic .
    and to think how much more difficult it is to confront addictive behavior .

    what little sensitivity you have for the imperfect human condition .

  3. every death is tragic.however tragedy is relative. on the position on the imperfect human condition and ur assumption that i.m insensitive, i disagree. I must inquire. Have u been 2 India? i learned a lot about the imperfect human condition which raised my awareness of human falibility. If u would like to discuss further the ihc, contact me. Wishing u blessings of amazing wanderlust!!!

  4. god knows it pains me to agree with Avishag but outside the context of moral absolutism(?)(paedos, demagogues, autocrats) in death our sympathies shld be unbound-no matter the nuance or sophistry that lie between

  5. im sorry -i must admit to having my tongue placed firmly in cheek. i, for one, do not believe in any form of moral/ethical absolutism; im purely agonistic on such issues. as to maintaining a sympathetic view on all matters concerning death. within a contextualist framework- its very difficult to negate any form tragedy or sadness form such things. more power to those that can.

    have i made things clearer: prob not.

  6. noa: could u plz elaborate on ur definition of “little sensitivity” i incorrectly assumed that meant a “lack of sensitivity” which led me to use the word insensitive. my apologies. i would gladly explain my contradiction or rather paradox in the first sentence if it helps to clarify my stance on tragedy.

  7. Quite an interesting conversation we shared. But I do believe our digital discourse has reached a dead end. Has anyone come across any smashing summer music & poetry?

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