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  1. question: and please dont feel the need to publish this but why the Hand motif? please feel free to completely ignore

  2. the work was originally inspired by a photograph i found of these hands .
    what can be placed in one’s hands, what havoc a pair of hands can wreak…still working on this but i’m traveling along the lines of chaos theory, reverberations, echo imaging and paying forward human kindnesses…finding a place where they intersect .
    like i said, work in progress …

  3. interesting idea-even in its embryonic stage. your modus operandi takes a very cognitive and broad position on a number of very academic and abstract thinking. have you alwys had this attitude to your work- and as a photographer( am i right in calling you that) do you align yourself to the rational rather than the sensual and intuitive .

  4. i try to employ all of my faculties at once, aligning myself with no one school of thought 100% of the time . though i do often lean towards the sensual .
    it’s the romantic in me, i guess .

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