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  1. i dont rate fitzgerald; More of a Bellow man myself/

    saying that, im sure fitzgerald wldnt rate me either/

    this extract is a lovely n warm cris de coeur- although the exact assertion is lost on me/

  2. the assertion is two-fold :
    an illumination of f. scott’s view on women (and perhaps my vulnerable identification with it)
    the concept of ideas being bought and sold as impersonal commodities .

  3. shukran habtiti! perhaps i shld have read it slowly/ i like the idea that ideas are bought and sold as impersonal commodities/ the idustrailisation of the corporeal and metaphysical world sounds rather appealing to me but then im a starched socialist

    you write as well as you take photos/ you shld read Walter Benjamin-if you havent already-i think you might like him

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