noavi x mele x ruby aldridge x ana girardot x alejandra hernandez 2
last thursday ANA and i traversed all of la .
what a good sport that little lady is ! straight from her shoot with RONY, ANA came along for the shoot STAMP and i conceptualized for RUBY .

off we hustled downtown to the studio where GUISEPPE and NATE were ready to shoot .
after the final photo shoot of the day (and a brief visit from the cops), i had all the girls involved in the shoot put on the same neon pink matte lipstick we had RUBY wear, and had STAMP capture the moment .
from l-r: me, MELE, RUBY, ANA and ALEJANDRA

when RUBY directs

came across these SALTON SEA settlers while taking a break from shooting for a july ’09 spread .
LEONARD, the creator of the monument to universal love (see last link) .
BILLY, the one thumbed, one lunged, gold panning vietnam vet .
bill slab city x noavithe next generation of the desert.

the gang posted up:
looking for new angles on SALVATION MOUNTAIN

yesterday, at an outdoor café, ANA and i were in the throes of an animated exchange wherein sordid details were being relived like wounds re-opened .
seemingly out of nowhere and without warning, a man sitting at the table to our side (and who had gone unnoticed until this point) interjected his arm (and sidekick) into our conversation.
the screen read as follows:


BJ looks like a more homely SEBASTIAN TELLIER.