« leave us alone, without books, and we’d instantly trip up, get lost – we don’t know where to place our allegiance, what to hang on to; what to love and what to hate, what to respect and what to despise. we even find it difficult to be human beings- human beings with our own real flesh and blood; we’re ashamed of it, we consider it a disgrace and strive to be some kind of imaginary general type. »
– DOSTOEVSKY, notes from the underground

“…the goal of my work during the last twenty years.
it has not been to analyze the phenomena of power, nor to elaborate the foundations of such an analysis. my objective, instead, has been to create a history of the different modes by which, in our culture, human beings are made subjects.”
– FOUCAULT, in the afterword to “Beyond Structuralism and Hermeneutics”